Eris Interactive Group

expertise: Software Design & Development

We design and develop software & love it!
Our multi-disciplinary team combines software talent with design and business expertise to create solutions for your business. We have deep experience launching new products and will work with your organization over the long haul.

SEO & Website Development

SEO without tricks

In addition to large-scale systems and products, we specialize in SEO and website development. Instead of playing search engine tricks, we help you understand and work with the tools available to your organization to maintain good SEO practices. The websites we develop are built using industry best practices, including responsive design for mobile use.

Client Highlight: VERSATEX Building Products

Android and iOS app development
Android and iOS mobile apps

We have worked with VERSATEX Building Products since 2011, designing and developing multiple websites and apps. In 2015 we launched Idea Builder, a virtual product visualization tool, and most recently launched VERSATEX Premier, an iOS and Android customer loyalty app. In 2016, VERSATEX Premier won a Hanley Wood Brand Builder Award for Best Mobile Marketing Strategy (B2B). Our work with VERSATEX been a collaboration with O2 Digital Creative Agency

Client Highlight: Aderans Hair Goods

custom website development

We began work with Aderans Hair Goods in 2015, taking over the responsibility of developing and hosting their web properties, including Revlon Wigs and Rene-of-Paris. Our work with Aderans Hair Goods has been a collaboration with O2 Digital Creative Agency