Eris Interactive Group

expertise: analytics & reporting

Your data is unique. That's why we don't take a one-size-fits-all approach building analytics and reporting software.

We custom build solutions to collect and understand your data; visualizing data so it makes sense for your organization and your stakeholders.

Custom Analytics

Analtyics Platform

Many clients require the ability to collect and track usage data on their software systems. We have developed an analytics toolkit that enables us to swiftly build a custom analytics platform for your company. Think of it like Google Analytics, but with deeper knowledge and tracking of user interactions and your data.

Project Highlight: STAR (Superior Testing & Reporting)

Clark Testing - STAR

Since 2013 we have worked with Clark Testing, developing a modern data-analysis and reporting platform for their condition monitoring and fluids testing laboratories. Through STAR, oil, fuel, and lubrication samples from some of the worlds largest companies are tested for reliability. Our team worked with Clark Testing to develop and integrate STAR into their existing business processes to streamline testing, reporting, and invoicing. STAR has been a collaboration with O2 Digital Creative Agency.

Client Highlight: Metafit Solutions

custom reporting

We have worked with MetaFit Solutions since 2010, developing their Lifestyle Diagnostic Testing platform, which provides a complete metabolic health assessment for clients. Clients are given a pre and post assessment, while being put on a twelve week intervention period where a licensed health professional crafts a program to meet health goals. The Lifestyle Diagnostic Testing system integrates data from wearable armbands as well as a number of data sources, including caloric data from the USDA.