Eris Interactive Group

expertise: Business Systems

The software and systems we architect for clients drive
millions in revenue each year.


We manage your critical systems so you don't have to. Built on a network infrastructure powered by Amazon Web Services, we host a wide variety of systems and data for clients. We offer clients both packaged and custom hosting solutions for websites, databases, and other networked systems. Our systems are monitored 24/7, and are patched daily for security vulnerabilities.


We develop systems with a focus on security. We have experience architecting and maintaining systems which have underwent HIPAA and PCI compliance audits. In addition we provide security auditing for clients, identifying potential vulnerabilities in their software and systems, and helping develop corporate security policies.

Project Turnaround

We specialize in turning around at-risk projects. Projects can fail for a number of reasons: budget, personnel issues, etc. We have experience taking over, extending, and redesigning failing projects. Our team is responsive and professional, working with your team to identify and fix problems, providing a fresh prospective. We will also advocate on your behalf to provide a smooth transition from your previous development team.

Client Highlight: Eyenavision


One of our oldest clients, we have worked with Eyenavision since 2009 developing and automating their business systems: eCommerce, B2B order processing, inventory management, and accounting.