Eris Interactive Group

about us:

Eris Interactive Group is a software development and consulting firm, formed out of M. L. Gualtieri Group, LLC and led by technology entrepreneur Mike Gualtieri. We focus on custom software and systems development for startups, small-to-mid size organizations, and non-profits, handling all aspects of the software development cycle, taking rough ideas and turning them into polished products.

Our clients range from government to health-and-wellness to industrial supply and manufacturing. We specialize in Linux and Open Source Software development, and offer managed, scalable cloud hosting for clients, backed by Amazon Web Services. Our typical projects include: eCommerce, business process automation, Android and iOS app development, cyber-security, custom search platforms, and other web products.

President: Mike Gualtieri

Mike Gualtieri

Mike Gualtieri is a technologist and entrepreneur who is passionate about Linux, Open Source Software, and information security, and has over a decade and a half of professional experience designing and developing software systems. He founded M. L. Gualtieri Group - now Eris Interactive Group - in 2011, and has each year grown the company in revenue and profit, expanding capacity and client base.

Prior to his consulting career, Mr. Gualtieri founded and led the Pittsburgh-based software startup, Kiddix Computing, architecting several products surrounding the Kiddix OS, a secure Linux-based OS for kids with integrated parental controls.

Prior to founding Kiddix, Mike held project management, security, software development, and marketing research positions at Honeywell and MedcoHealth. He holds an MBA from the Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh, an MS in computer science from the University of Pittsburgh, and graduated cum laude with a BS in computer science from Seton Hall University.

Mike is an avid gardener and a ham radio operator. He also enjoys experimenting with hobby electronics, and maintains the radio electronics website

Visit Mike's personal website.

Partner: O2 Digital Creative Agency

O2 Digital Creative Agency

O2 Digital Creative Agency was formulated by a knowledge junkie's love of invention and passion for creativity with technology. The company provides its community with clean, functional, innovative products that facilitate their visibility in an ever-increasingly digital world. From websites to window decals, iPhone apps to rehabilitation software, company branding to system support , we transform ideas into a reality. We bring our customers up to speed in the always-changing technological world while keeping them within their comfort zone.

Partner: Jennifer Brown Designs

Jennifer Brown Designs

Jennifer is a visual designer based in Pittsburgh, PA. She has a knack for branding and marketing campaigns, but enjoys any design project involving paper or pixels.

Partner: Rose Harris Design

Rose Harris Design

Founded in 2009, Rose Harris Design, LLC is a full service graphic and web design firm that aims to offer the best possible design solution with the highest standard of customer service. RHD looks to create strong working relationships with clients to achieve striking visual designs that leave a lasting impact.